April 15, 2024

Redemption on the Line: Blacklist International vs GeekFam

Redemption on the Line: Blacklist International Clash with Resilient Geek Fam in M5 Lower Bracket Semi-Finals

The M5 World Championship has reached a crucial juncture, where one misstep can send dreams crashing down. In the lower bracket semi-finals, a battle for redemption unfolds as Blacklist International, hungry for a second chance, faces the resilient Geek Fam Indonesia. This clash promises a thrill ride, with contrasting playstyles and unwavering determination promising fireworks on the digital battlefield.

Blacklist’s Quest for Redemption:

Entering the M5 stage as one of the tournament favorites, Blacklist International stumbled against an unexpected foe in Fire Flux Esports. The sting of defeat still lingers, but the seasoned squad, led by the veteran Wise, refuses to let their championship aspirations fade. Their journey through the lower bracket has been a testament to their resilience, showcasing their ability to adapt and overcome challenges.

Geek Fam’s Rise in Adversity:

The underdogs of M5, Geek Fam Indonesia, have surprised everyone with their grit and determination. Their methodical approach, emphasizing objective control and calculated aggression, has proven effective against strong opponents like Burmese Ghouls. Their narrow loss to AP Bren in the upper bracket was a heartbreaker, but their fighting spirit remains unyielding. The return of Nnael could be huge boost to team.

Clash of Contrasting Playstyles:

Blacklist International thrives on aggression, dictating the pace of the game with early-game team fights and swift rotations. Wise’s leadership guides their calculated dives and objective control, while Oheb’s explosive playstyle can turn the tide in an instant.

Geek Fam, on the other hand, embodies patience. Baloyskie’s strategic mind meticulously plans their movements, prioritizing objective control and late-game scaling. Their coordinated team fights and calculated aggression make them a formidable opponent in the later stages.

Redemption on the Line, both teams will come out of the gate with guns blazing.

Key Factors to Watch:

  • Early-game aggression vs. late-game scaling: Will Blacklist’s early pressure overwhelm Geek Fam before they reach their full potential, or will Geek Fam weather the storm and utilize their late-game scaling to come back?
  • Adaptability and counterplays: Both teams have displayed the ability to adapt and counter their opponents. Who will have the quicker read on the evolving battlefield and execute the most effective counter-strategies?
  • Individual performances: Key players like Renejay, Oheb, and Yue for Blacklist and Baloyskie, Markyyyy, and Nnael for Geek Fam will be under the spotlight. Their individual skill and decision-making can swing the match in their teams’ favor.
  • Mental fortitude: The pressure of elimination hangs heavy in the air. The team that can maintain their composure, focus on the game plan, and bounce back from setbacks will likely emerge victorious.


This matchup is a true toss-up. Blacklist’s experience and individual skill give them an edge in the early game, but Geek Fam’s strategic depth and late-game scaling can’t be underestimated. My slight edge goes to Blacklist International, fueled by their hunger for redemption and Wise’s masterful leadership. However, Geek Fam has defied expectations throughout the tournament, so an upset wouldn’t be surprising.

Beyond the Winner:

Regardless of the outcome with Redemption on the Line, this clash promises to be a spectacle. The contrasting playstyles, the fight for redemption, and the sheer talent on display will keep viewers glued to their screens. This match is a testament to the diversity of Mobile Legends and the unwavering passion of the players on the global stage.

Blacklist International vs. Geek Fam – a battle for survival, a quest for redemption, and a chance to keep the M5 dream alive. Tune in and be prepared to witness the jungle roar.

Blacklist International in 5; 3-2. 

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