April 15, 2024

Blacklist international continues Redemption Arch

Blacklist international continues Redemption Arch

Blacklist international advances to the next round of the M5 World Championship. The code breakers defeated the Cinderella team Geek Fam 3-1. They are now waiting for their next opponent in the tournament.

Game 1

The game started out with GeekFam applying the early game pressure. Blacklist International was playing a little bit stiff and uncharacteristically committed small mistakes. The mistakes are however is where GeekFam capitalized. The Code Breakers were delaying the the game waiting for their power spike to come, but the geeks were able to keep the momentum . The line up was able to snowball their damage and eventually take out the Code Breakers.

Game 2

The second game started out similar to the first but the code breakers kept it close. The geeks were not able to take hold of the early game as they did in the first game. With the a better grasp of the early and Mid Game, Blacklist International was able to turn the tide. The adjustment was forcing GeekFam to make minor mistakes which the code breakers were able to capitalize on. Towards the Mid game transitioning to the late game Blacklist International was able to harness their power spikes and come out with the victory.

Game 3 

The next game was the geeks turn to adjust to the code breakers adjustment. The early game looked liked the plan going according to plan, but Blacklist International was ready for the counter punch.  Blacklist implemented the Anti Disaster Protocol (ADP) to be able to withstand the early crush. Then their power spike came and they were able to get the push and finally take down the crystal putting them on Match Point.

Game 4

The code breakers now on match they brought out a Blacklist International classic hero. Renejay picked Estes with the M3 World Championship pick. Similar to Game 3 and Game 4, GeekFam was looking at the early game aggression. but as Blacklist international continues redemption arch, Renejay played the estes in vintage Blacklist International. A throw back to their M3 Championship win. Blacklist was now the one counterpunching and winning the critical team fights with Renejay being the linchpin of their assault. Blacklist International closes out the match 3-1.

Implications for the Tournament

The win now puts Blacklist International into the top 4 in the tournament and will be waiting for the winner of the next match between Deus Vult and See You Soon. The Blacklist International win now puts 2 Filipino teams in the top 4. This is proof that the Filipino era is far from over and that the Philippines is still the strongest region in MPL.


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