April 14, 2024

MPL PH Week 2: APBREN and ECHO still Undefeated

MPL PH Week 2: APBREN and ECHO still Undefeated

The MPL Philippines Season 13 Week 2 has come and gone. The dust has finally settled in a action packed week in the young MPL Season. Let us look at a few pivotal matches and their exciting results.

TNC Vs Blacklist International

TNC Pro Team face one of the big 3 in Blacklist International. TNC Pro Team was looking for their first win of the season after a rebuilding phase. The Agents were looking to bounce back from a mixed week 1. The action was non stop and it was TNC Coming out victorious getting their first Win.

AP BREN Vs RSG Philippines

AP BREN entered week 2 looking to keep their unbeaten streak all the way back from MPL Season 12.  RSG Coming from a rebuilding in the offseason and is still struggling to get their form. The bees walked away with a clear separation of skill and experience. But RSG can take away that they with some adjustments they can actually go blow for blow with the Multi world champion team.

AP BREN Vs Minana Evos

AP BREN Day 3 match was a little bit more exciting. The Bees came up against Minana Evos. The first match lasted for more than 34 minutes Minana Evos was matching AP BREN at every turn and every move. It was left to the Captain Pheww made a play for the base. They were focusing on taking it out during the last team fight. The Captain eventually falls to the minions and to attacks but Ogwenn was there to finish off the job.

The second game was much of the same. but this time the bees made sure of their every move. They were aggressively calculated on the things they do. They more deliberate and showing their experience.

Was this the sign of weakness that all the MPL teams are waiting for? Was this the moment that AP BREN showed us that they can be beaten? From what I was watching it would be foolish to assume that AP BREN will not adjust and implement a new game plan and grow from the match. So no this was just a brief hiccup in their MPL Season 13 campaign.

With what we are seeing so far the season has become a two horse race. AP BREN and Echo has been in front after 2 weeks will they stay there? Who will suffer their first loss first? We have to wait and see as the MPL PH Season 13 progresses.

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