April 15, 2024

Mobile Legends ALLSTAR RAVE

Mobile Legends ALLSTAR RAVE: Free Stuff, J-Pop Group Sparkle, and More!

Gear Up and Party Up!

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is throwing a music festival bash, the ALLSTAR RAVE, offering free in-game items until April 30th. Team up with friends to earn rewards faster and celebrate the arrival of Sparkle, a brand new J-Pop virtual group! Catch their debut live concert on March 30th and pre-register for exclusive rewards here: https://sg-play.mobilelegends.com/events/ALLSTAR2024/.

Free Stuff Galore!

This music event brings players together with freebies and exciting activities. By teaming up in a party or squad, you can earn tokens and other in-game goodies much faster! Watch the ALLSTAR RAVE trailer for more details: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLegnCuHbGX7p11urmw6v7pOXC2OzzbGCg.

Missed Out on Past Skins? Not Anymore!

The ALLSTAR General Draw gives you a chance to snag past ALLSTAR or 515 event skins you might have missed. Spend Diamonds or ALLSTAR draw tokens to try your luck at getting your dream skin. Additionally, drawing can award ALLSTAR event vouchers to directly obtain the new Infernal Wrymlord Moskov skin with a special identity tag. The General Draw runs from April 6th to 10th. Keep an eye out for further Draw Bonus Events throughout April for even more prizes!

Vexana’s Twisted Fairytale Skin

Transform the battlefield with Vexana’s stunning new ZENITH skin, “Twisted Fairytale.” Adorned in majestic red and blue robes with a crown, Vexana weaves a path of thorny roses and poisoned fairytales with her dark magic. This enchanting skin is available in the General Draw until April 30th. Don’t miss the supporting Bonus Event happening from March 30th to April 2nd. Check out the trailer for a closer look: https://m.facebook.com/story.php/?story_fbid=762789419230117&id=100064971970716.

Shine Bright with ALLSTAR Sales and Diamonds

Looking to refresh your style with new skins? The ALLSTAR MEGA Sale offers limited-time discounts on items, happening from April 9th to 14th. Additionally, earn Promotional Diamonds by completing event tasks until April 9th. With enough Promo Diamonds, some items can even be obtained for as little as one Diamond!

Stay Tuned!

More exciting details about the ALLSTAR Star Memories are coming soon!

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