July 15, 2024

Members of Fulcrum Valkyries Join FSL Invitational

Members of Fulcrum Valkyries Join FSL Invitational.
2 Team Members including the Team Captain of Team Jiji are members of Fulcrum Valkyries.

The upcoming FSL FPS Showdown which will feature the region’s top female FPS Valorant player will be in full swing this February 6 and 7, 2021. Among the invited captains is NicoleG one of our players from Fulcrum Valkyries.

NicoleG is the primary Jett main and operator of Fulcrum Valkyries and is has that one shot one kill mentality. Extremely fast an dynamic this player gives you off angles which will definitely be an advantage to any team. BUt wait she is not the only one representing the Valkyries in this FSL Showdown.

The youngest member of the team is also making an apperance. Qomochikit our Omen main came from the shadows and made it to the team. Our smoker and blinder Qomochikit brings unpredictability and surprise flanking to the table. She also has a deadly aim with either a Vandal or a Phantom.

To round out the team they also joined by Misheng, Sabiniani and Kireina forming Team Jiji.

There will be 8 team going head to head starting Feb 6 and finishing the next day Feb 7, 2020. So to all the Fulcrum Valkyries let us come out and support two of our own in competing on the regional Valorant stage going head to head with other top female players across the region.

All featured matches will be shown  on FSL FPS Social media pages as well as their Twitch channels. So guys let us show our support to our girls and catch their amazing matches and let’s comment so we can show our support for the girls.

Activities like this will only make the Valorant Community in SEA. The event that are already happening this year makes 2021 an exciting year for Valorant and Valorant players in the region.



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