June 22, 2024

Is it time for Blacklist International to rebuild?

Is it time for Blacklist International to rebuild?

MPL Philippines Season 13 – The 13th season of the most competitive MPL in the world is now coming to it’s culmination. Blacklist International has had one of it’s most difficult season in their history.

Blacklist international has actually overperformed finishing in 4th place. There were even fears that they will not be able to make it to the playoffs this season. Fourth place is actually not a bad place to end up. Now this brings up the initial question I posted. Is it time for Blacklist Internationals to rebuild?

Past Glory

It is undoubtably the one of the most decorated team in all of MLBB. The M3 world champion, the multiple time MPL Philippines Champion. Superstars like the VeeWise duo, Hadji, Eduard, Oheb are some of the players who still are in the organization. They have won almost everything under the sun. But again this is all in the past.

Burn Out

it is undeniable that all the codebreakers have immense talent, but this season the team has not been exuding the same champion energy that they have shown in the past. The are a lot of factors to this but as an outsider looking in, it seems that the team is burning out. This is just an observation so guys please take it with a grain of salt, a very big grain.

Stars Taking Breaks, Outside Factors and Distractions

There are a lot of key and pivotal players currently still part of the organization but are not in the roster and we still are not aware if they are going to return. The combination of the VeeWise Duo and ReneJay are some of the best players in the country not playing.  Outside factors are definitely part of the reason of the teams lack of form and identity.

Lack of Form

The codebreakers seem to having a hard time finding their identity. This season has truly been a demanding, we cannot feel who is the team captain, who is the one calling the shots. Who is eventually the one accountable for the team’s performance.

Time for new Talent?

Is it time for new talent to join the codebreakers? Blacklist as an organization has no doubt discovered it’s fair share of talents. Full Tilt AKA Kairi was discovered. One of the best players here and Indonesia.

Again I post the question to everyone. Is it time for Blacklist International to rebuild?

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