July 15, 2024

A Clash of World Champions in the MPL Ph Season 13 Finals

A Clash of World Champions in the MPL Ph Season 13 Finals

A Stormy day in May is just the right setting when 2 of the best teams collide. Team Liquid Echo M4 World Champions goes up against Falcons AP Bren reigning and Defending M5 World Champion. Champion vs. Champion, both teams have secured their spot in the upcoming MSC 2024.

The Road to the Finals

How did we get here? Let’s rewind a couple of days when these 2 MLBB juggernauts first crashed into each other in the upper bracket finals. It was a 5 game classic, a masterclass on how to play the highest peak of MLBB. The first match went the way of Team Liquid Echo with the narrowest margin. Falcons AP Bren were relegated to the lower bracket finals.

24 hours later. Falcons AP Bren were up against RSG. The Raiders had the momentum after they were able to knock out Blacklist International in the lower bracket semifinals. The match did not disappoint. To quote my good friend JM Siasat ” The 3-1 score does not do justice to the Match. It Could have been 3-0 to RSG in stead of 3-1 to FCAP.” That statement whole heartedly encompasses what we saw. It was a dominating early game by RSG in all 4 games. The bees were having a difficult time adjusting to the aggressive draft and plays from the raiders.

Coach Panda in the post match press conference said that they were 99% there the team was just 1% short of their goal.

The win propelled Falcons AP Bren to the finals and booking the spot as the second Philippine representative to MSC 2024.

The Rematch 

Fast forward to the finals, the much anticipated rematch. Two of the top team teams in the country . A best of 7 match for the crown of MPL Philippines Season 13 Champion.

Let’s look a it a little bit deeper. Pressure to perform, both teams recently got acquired or partners up with Major Global Esports Organizations. This multiplied the pressure immensely to win at the highest level. Ok so both teams are even in the pressure department. Rest, Team Liquid Echo had a day off yesterday since they were waiting for their opponents in the finals. On the Other hand Falcons AP Bren had to go thru a highly competitive match. Advantage goes to Team Liquid Echo. Momentum,¬†coming from the high they had from beating a really tough opponent in RSG and just like going thru a crucible the team will be on a high. Falcons AP Bren has the advantage here.

Who will come up on top?

it really hard to say, 50-50, a coin toss. both team can impose their game and will on to their opponents. Both team can adjust on the fly. Both teams have amazing coaches. Honestly we cannot predict this one. It will either be a sweep of seven games.

One thing is for sure, we are sending the best two teams from the Philippines.

Now is this going to be a preview of the Finals of the MSC 2024 in Riyadh?

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