July 15, 2024

EG announces mixed Gender Valorant Team

EG announces mixed Gender Valorant Team

Esports giant EG (Evil Geniuses) have announced the Valorant team for 2021. The Team is the first mixed gender Valorant team in the Pro-Scene.

The team will be headlined by Christine “potter” Chi, a seven-time women’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive world champion. Ronan “Osias” Jeremiah Javelona, a Filipino player who was formerly Mamba Mode Gaming will also be joining the team.

Potter has been in the competitive CS:GO scen since 2006 had has won 7 Women’s world Championships under SK Gaming’s female division. They have won titles in the  Electronic Sports World Cup (ESWC) and World Electronic Sports Games (WESG) Organizations.

The team is also joined by another women’s pro player,  Claudia “clawdia” Che, who was able to reach the rank of Radiant last December.

Evil Geniuses CEO Nicole LaPointe Jameson emphasized “To clarify for the people in the back that didn’t catch it the first time… I don’t care where you come from. Nor your creed, gender, religion, class, past industry, or sexual orientation. If you are the best of the best, you have a home here at @EvilGeniuses”


Evil Geniuses Valorant Roster:

  • Nolan “Temperature” Pepper
  • Aleksandar “aleksandar Hinojosa
  • Ronan “Osias” Javelona
  • Claudia “Clawdia” Che
  • Cristine “potter” Chi (captain)

The teams are currently competing in the North American Challengers Series. If everything goes according to plan then the team will be head to head with Sentinels in the third round.

Things are really heating up in the Valorant scene. Teams are now getting a lot more serious and it is just the first series. EG is also blazing the way for teams of mixed gender players. This is always what esports should be all about. Esports is the ultimate equalizer among all sports regardless of age, gender, size all that matters is your skill, the skill you play your games.

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