July 15, 2024

Echo Express Runs Over Minana/Evos

Echo Express Runs Over Minana/Evos

Echo Philippines in classic Orcas for similar to their performance in Season 12. The Orcas hunted the Tigers to no end during the two games.

Game 1: Orcas on the hunt 

The first game was a master class on how to dominate and efficiently target your opponents. Echo was focusing their priority targets from the start of the game and adjusting on the fly. Their team fights and objective taking was on point. Orcas were on the prowl and locked into their targets. They were playing fast and disciplined. Controlled aggression was the name of the game. They were pushing where they needed push and pulling back where they needed to pull back.

Game 2: Orcas were hunting as one

The second game started similar to the first game. Basically Echo winning the team fights and the laning phase. The Tigers were putting up a brave fight but they were just delaying the inevitable. The Orcas smelled blood in the water. With every team battle and every objective the Echo Express was gaining more speed and momentum. Minana/Evos were thoroughly out classed and the match finished at almost the 9 minute mark.

When asked what happened in the 2 games where Echo Express Runs Over Minana/Evos’ Coach Bitoy stated that they were out drafted in both games that this is something that they need to work on moving forward into the future.

What does this win mean for Echo? 

The win now put Echo in provisional 2nd place tied with AP Bren with 28 points going into the final week of the regular season of the MPL Philippines Season 13. This just proves that the once 3 horse race of the MPL Philippines is now really open and that there are no teams that clearly dominate the field unlike in the past seasons.

Thing are really becoming interesting as we roll closer to the closing of the MPL Philippines Season 13 regular season.

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