May 24, 2024

AP BREN wins both Day One Matches in MPLI

AP BREN wins both Day One Matches in MPLI

The newly crowned MPL Philippines Season 12 Champion AP Bren, dominated their first two opponents on the first day of the Mobile Legends Professional League Invitational (MPLI).

Their first match was against the North American representative The Ohio Brothers. The game started as TOB pressed the advantage in the laning phase. They were pushing AP Bren to make mistakes. AP Bren did suffer from minor mistake leading to a couple of early deaths. But AP Bren took their time and continued with their farming and leveling and slowly pulled away just before the first turtle. The North American team still put up a valiant fight trying to keep the game close and even taking out some of the turrets. But unfortunately they came up against the Filipino champions who were in form. AP Bren was just too patient and too experienced to fall for their tricks. In the end it was a team wipe out that ended the game when The Ohio Brothers went to a bottom lane push. AP Bren ended their game in under 15 mins.

The second game was a rematch between AP Bren and Dewa United. AP Bren was chomping at the bit for this one. Dewa United was the team who had AP Bren disqualified due to a technicality the last time they were pitted against each other.  As the match started it was AP Bren who had a chip on their shoulder. The team was eager to show that they were on a different level as their opponents. AP Bren dominated from the get go. The yellow and black attack was relentless in claiming their objectives and pressing their advantage in the team fights. It was this pressure that Dewa United was not able to bear and adjust to. Just as the first game the match ended in under 15 mins.

AP Bren was showing everyone why they are one of the favorites to win the MPLI 2023.

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