June 22, 2024

Agent Tier List for Valorant Patch 4.08

Agent Tier List for Valorant Patch 4.08

Valorant Patch 4.08 is upon us once again. Like we have done in the past we are here to give you guys a run down of the agent tier list this patch. We have ranked Agents in the past game patches lets’ continue the tradition.

S Tier

Ok, ok, we know that Jett looked like she got nerfed this patch but hear us out. Jett’s Dash did get a rework. Valorant devs might be looking to delay her dash out of potential deadly situations. But from what we saw in actual ranked game play and tournaments using 4.08, Jett is still very deadly. Give the right player and positioning she still delivers the goods.

Up next the Yin and Yang of Valorant again this is based on what we seen in the competitive meta. We have the stylish French man on one side and the Radiant Killer Cyborg from the future. Chamber slowly crept up the rankings with his incredible gun utilities and teleports. He can easily deal damage and take out opponents before jumping to safety. Kay/O on the other side is his foil. The robots daggers suppresses Chambers utilities and ultimate skill gets muted and his ultimate nullifies a lot utilities with in a certain zone of control. Both of them deserve to be in the S tier.

A Tier

There are two new additions to the A tier, one got promoted and one got demoted. Let’s start with the one promoted Neon. Neon got significant buffs during the last patch making her a viable challenger to Jett as the entry fragger. Neon can now slide from side to side and here speed covers a lot of ground especially on the larger maps like Haven, Breeze and Fracture. Her wall now deals no damage to her allies. Her ultimate is still one of the best damage dealing ultimate in the game.

Now we look at Sova, for the first time in along while Sova has been knocked out of the top tier. He got a significant nerf now that hi owl drone time is shorter and can just tag 2 targets instead of 3. His shock dart’s damage has been reduced from 90 to 75 which is a big deal. Then there is Fade the new information agent in the game. We will still not rank Fade since we have not yet seen and experienced a lot of her game play. Fade is definitely going after Sova and the information agent.

B Tier

The B Tier still remains the same as it did during the last patch the only thing different is that Neon got bumped up to A Tier. Breach and Yoru has been seeing alot more games in the current Meta but we will see if they go up in rank as the patch progresses.

C Tier

Still languishing in the bottom of our tier list is the trio of Reyna, Astra and Phoenix. Phoenix is very out dated compared to the current agents his flash, molly and wall is definitely wanting a big change. Phoenix is one agent that definitely need a Yoru Style rework.

We will be an update of the agent tiers soon as we get to see more of fade in the future.

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