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Agent Tier List for Valorant Patch 4.04

Agent Tier List for Valorant Patch 4.04

As the new patch is now live let us now look at the Agent Tier List For Valorant Patch 4.04. With the slew of updates that we received in the update which we wrote about here and here. Let us now discuss the revamped Agent Tier list.


The Cream of the Crop, the top dogs the agents who benefitted the most from the patch.


Jett is still the premier duelist in the game, sure you can say that did get nerfed in past updates, but there is no denying vital. The duelist meta still belongs to Jett and until another patch make adjustment she still belongs to the S-Tier.


When it comes to information gathering Sova is still the best. A well place Recon Bolt can be game changing for a lot of team specially in the high MMR or professional competitions.


Chamber as an agent has truly evolved to one to the top sentinels in the game. His well placed traps and ability to teleport gives him the skill to delay incoming attacks, protect the flank or to reposition to take that winning shot. Over-all this agent truly belong to the S-tier.


The first agent of the Valorant protocol, the esteemed leader. Finally Brimstone has jumped to the S-Tier of agents for this patch. The Stim Beacon is the only utility which gives a blanket 15% speed boost. This boost now grants everybody the additional boost when taking fast sites. This is not the only buff he got, but this is the most game changing.

A Tier

These agents are good enough to be used for competitive match and plays really good with the current Meta. Let us now look at the prominent agents in this category.


Do we need to say anything more about the Yoru re-work? Yoru is a whole new agent at this point in the game. This actually moves him up from the doldrums of obscurity to the A-Tier. This is very significant climb. Yoru was once relegated to low tier competition now can hold his own in high MMR games. But will we see him in pro competition that still remains to be seen.


Is Omen back in the Meta? Well to put in short and sweet, yes, he is. The buffs he received during the latest patch catapults him back as the primary smoker for most teams. The Shrouded Step also gets the benefit of faster animation. This with our a doubt bring Omen to the A-tier list.


Viper received an impactful nerf this patch. That is enough to land her on the A-Tier of Agents. She still a viable agent but her Poison Orb and Wall now runs out twice as fast as before. This means the cover it provides now is faster and affects agents positioning.


The B-Tier contains still playable characters in the Meta which still relatively are the same from the previous patch.


Now that the hype around neon has gone. The excitement of playing an agent who can dash and slide has not lived up to the initial impressions. Don’t get me wrong Neon is still playable but she lacks an out when she entry frags a site. But let’s see if she gets tweaked a bit more in the future.


Now we come to the bottom of the rankings. It is not to say that these agents are garbage, they are not. They simply got nerfed or left behind in the current Meta.


This is a long time coming a lot of pros and players have been clamoring for Astra to be nerfed and it happened in a huger way. Gone are the days where Astra dominates as the ultimate smoker/sentinel. How the mighty have fallen. Astra now is a shell of her former self.

Now that the meta has been shaken up, let’s wait a few weeks to let the game stabilized and look for what will unfold in the upcoming VCT Masters.

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