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9 New Anime Shows Premiers on bilibili this July

9 New Anime Shows Premiers on bilibili this July

Manila, Philippines, July 8, 2022 – This July, more than 35 anime videos will be released by Bilibili, the largest anime, comics, and games (ACG) video community in Southeast Asia, including the much anticipated tales of “Momomga” from Overlord 4 and the Satan from The Devil is a Part-Timer! two seasons Along with this, there is a lengthy list of fresh anime programming that is just available this month to Bilibili users, both free and paid!

After “SPY x FAMILYfirst “‘s 12 episodes, which featured the naughty Anya and the adventurous missions of the Forger family, achieved remarkable success, Bilibili is releasing even more thrilling new anime titles, new episodes of well regarded anime, and remakes of some venerable anime.

After four years, Overlord 4 with the skeletal Momomga demon is back! In Yggdrasil, the head of the dark guild and guardian of Sarik Cemetery, who had forgotten to log out, embarks on a fascinating adventure with the NPCs who serve as his guardians. Discover the game industry and the newest maps! The overlord is still one of the toughest characters despite a number of challenges. The fourth episode of the anime is finally back with heart-pounding action, much to the satisfaction of fans after much discussion that the show will be canceled.

The Devil is a Part-Timer has the Satan back! Season 2 of the fantasy anime has the mighty demon, who loses to the supernatural figure Amelia Justina, working part-time at a fast food restaurant. Amelia, who is pursuing him while posing as a call center girl, is nearby while he braves the ailing Japanese economy. Fans will be kept on the edge of their seats by the exciting and surprising plot twists in the season chapter when the two characters encounter. Would they find working in regular offices so enjoyable that they would forget their aim to rule the world? Fans’ expectations for the show to return may have been tempered by a lengthy hiatus of 9 years, but Studio 3Hz’s painstaking production has brought it back.

Exclusive Anime on Bilibili!

Additionally this month,9 New Anime Shows that are just available on the service. The remake of the renowned TOKYO MEW MEW NEW, an anime featuring superpower ladies with dessert codenames and adorable transformation abilities that dazzled anime fans 20 years ago, is not to be missed.

Other Anime Shows rounding out the list range from sports to romantic comedies and include:

When Will Ayumu Make His Move? – RomCom anime that revolves around the use of shogi games to win the heart 

Engage Kiss – Chaos lurks when 1 boy and 2 girls have to live on an artificial island together

Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth – Inspired by a video game, this anime is sure to thrill with gripping war scenes

Smile of the Arsnotoria the Animation – A young girl is determined to learn wizardry to become a real lady 

Extreme Hearts – 3 sporty girls with talents in basketball, football and baseball – all in one show! 

TEPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: Laughing ’til You CryLOL along the story of a comedic girl and her team of comedians set out to win a contest in town

What`s more? Bilibili has more than 800 titles of anime, 9,600 episodes, and 230,400 minutes available to stream.These new releases are available only on Bilibili. Download Bilbili on Google Play or App Store, or watch on the website here:

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