July 15, 2024

Zhuxin: The Enigmatic New Hero Arrives

Zhuxin: The Enigmatic New Hero Arrives in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Get ready to unleash the power of the mysterious Zhuxin in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB)! This captivating new hero, shrouded in secrecy, offers players a unique playstyle with crowd-control abilities and potent area-of-effect damage.

Dominate the Battlefield with Enchanting Abilities

Zhuxin utilizes her enchanting lantern and ethereal butterflies to control the flow of battle. Here’s a glimpse into her arsenal:

  • Passive – Crimson Butterflies: As Zhuxin casts Lantern Flare (Skill 2), spent mana transforms into Crimson Butterflies that circle her lantern. These butterflies restore a portion of her mana upon dissipating
  • Skill 1 – Fluttering Grace: Zhuxin unleashes a fan-shaped blast of magical damage, slowing enemies and gaining a movement speed boost for herself
  • Skill 2 – Lantern Flare: Hold and drag this skill to maneuver Zhuxin’s Lantern, dealing continuous magic damage and applying stacks of “Soul Snare” to enemiesOnce enough stacks are applied, enemies get captured and airborne. Release the skill to throw captured enemies, dealing damage upon impact
  • Ultimate – Crimson Beacon: Zhuxin teleports and enters a flying state, continuously dealing magic damage to enemies around her while applying “Soul Snare” stacks

Unravel the Mystery of the Beacon of Spirits

Hailing from the mystical city of Zhu’an, Zhuxin wields the Lantern of Spirits, a conduit for her power over ember butterflies and the ethereal realm. For millennia, she has traversed the world, granting wishes to those who prove themselves worthy.

Experience Zhuxin in all her glory:

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang – Beyond the New Hero

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Witness the Thrilling Conclusion of the MLBB Students League Collegiate Cup (MCC)!

  • Grand Finals: July 6-7, 2024 at Ayala Malls Solenad, Nuvali, Laguna
  • Special Guest: Renowned MPL Philippines caster Rockhart

Delve into the “MCC Video Series” featuring the finalists of the MCC tournament!

  • Episode 1: Watch Don Honorio Ventura State University’s MKHR FRYD Esports interact with Smart Omega

Don’t miss “Project NEXT: Reset,” MLBB Philippines’ first-ever drama series!

This captivating series follows a professional MLBB player’s journey back to his student life.

Watch the series through the official links below:
Lastly, MLBB launches the second season of “MLBB KOL Brawl” featuring popular MLBB influencers such as Fuego Gaming, Elgin, Okata, Kristine Santamena, and Jiji Plays, among others, who will vie to get the biggest share of the prize pool worth PHP 225,000. The Group Stage starts from 1-16 July 2024, and the Grand Finals will be held at Market-Market, Taguig on 20 July 2024.
Fans can also stream “Palarong Pang-Mythic” every Friday until 19 July 2024, at 8 pm (GMT+8) to see their favorite influencers bond through traditional games. The event, which aims to bring famous live-streamers together and promote a sense of unity, will also share insights into the influencers’ careers and discuss the importance of creativity in the world of MLBB content creation, encouraging the next generation of gamers to pursue their passion.
All matches can be streamed through Facebook and TikTok.

Gear up for the arrival of Zhuxin and dive into the exciting world of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!

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