February 28, 2024

VCT Pacific Kickoff: Brace for an Electrifying Start to VALORANT’s 2024

VCT Pacific Kickoff: Brace for an Electrifying Start to VALORANT’s 2024

Get ready for an explosive return of VCT Pacific as the action heats up with higher stakes, fiercer competition, and a brand-new challenger. Bleed Esports joins the fray, fresh from their Ascension victory, adding another layer of intrigue to the Pacific battlefield.

What’s New in VCT 2024?

  • Four International Leagues: VCT Pacific is now one of four leagues (Americas, EMEA, CN) vying for global glory.
  • Three Global Events: Masters Madrid, Shanghai, and Champions await the top performers.
  • Qualifying Paths: Kickoff, Stage 1 & 2, and Championship Points determine who secures a coveted spot.

Dive deeper into the revamped structure with the format explainer video. Remember, USD 250,000 is up for grabs, but the ultimate prize lies beyond – claiming the Pacific crown and a shot at international dominance.

Kickoff: The Crucible of Champions

This 8-day spectacle (Feb 17-25) sets the stage for the year, as 11 teams clash in a GSL Group Stage. PRX, the reigning Pacific Champions, automatically secures a spot in Group C. The survivors face off in the single round robin Play-ins, followed by the single elimination Playoffs. Only the top two ascend to Masters Madrid, carrying the hopes of the Pacific region.

Mark Your Calendars!

  • Group Stage (Feb 17, 19, 21): 3 PM KST / 2 PM GMT+8
  • Play-ins (Feb 22): 3 PM KST / 2 PM GMT+8
  • Playoffs (Feb 24-25): 5 PM KST / 4 PM GMT+8

Experience the Thrill in Person!

VCT Pacific Kickoff electrifies the vibrant S FACTORY in Seongsu-Dong, Seoul. Tickets go on sale February 1st (12 PM KST) – snag yours at [Insert Korean and International Ticket Links].

Beyond the Esports Arena:

Immerse yourself in the VALORANT universe with the Icebox Pop-up, featuring an esports pub, official merchandise, and frosty Snowman Slushies (exclusive to Matchday Ticket holders!). Capture the excitement at the Champions Countdown Spike, VCT photo booths, and fan sign walls.

VCT Pacific Kickoff is more than just a tournament; it’s a celebration of VALORANT, passion, and community. Don’t miss out – witness the Pacific’s finest ignite the esports stage and embark on their quest for Champions glory!


Fans can also catch VCT Pacific Kickoff action through local language broadcasts at the following links:




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