July 15, 2024

Unveiling the New Era of LoL Esports: Liga Republika Ignites Filipino Passion

League of Legends (LoL) Esports in the Philippines is gearing up for a monumental shift with the launch of Liga Republika. This brand new national tournament, crafted by Riot Games Philippines specifically for Pinoy players, marks the beginning of a revamped competitive scene

A Stepping Stone to Global Glory

Following the exciting announcement of a global LoL Esports ecosystem debuting in 2025, Liga Republika serves as the cornerstone for this transformation. It aims to elevate local LoL communities at the grassroots level, paving the path for Filipino players to ascend the international stage

A Commitment to Competitive Play

“This pivotal moment reinvigorates Filipino players and the League of Legends community,” says Joel Guzman, Country Manager of Riot Games Philippines  “Our dedication to fostering competitive play is unwavering, and Liga Republika is the perfect springboard to propel the LoL scene in the Philippines” (SEO Keywords: LoL Esports Philippines Development, Liga Republika Impact).

Kickoff Invitational Recap and Open Qualifiers

The initial Kickoff Invitational round in May witnessed Guardian’s Hive and Looking for Sponsor (LFS), top Filipino teams, securing their spots in the August group stage (SEO Keywords: Liga Republika Kickoff Invitational, Guardian’s Hive LoL, Looking for Sponsor LoL). Fantasy Esports and Ninja Alpha also join them in the group stage battles (SEO Keywords: Fantasy Esports LoL, Ninja Alpha LoL).

The nationwide registration for the open qualifiers is now open! The four rounds are scheduled for July 13th, 20th, 27th, and August 2nd (SEO Keywords: Liga Republika Open Qualifiers, LoL Esports Philippines Qualifiers). From June 3rd to 20th, aspiring participants can form teams of at least five players and register for their shot at glory (SEO Keywords: Liga Republika Registration, LoL Esports Philippines Registration). Teams can participate in all four rounds for increased chances of advancing to the group stage (SEO Keywords: Liga Republika Open Qualifiers Strategy).

A Battle for Supremacy and a Million-Peso Prize

With registrations opening, Liga Republika anticipates a massive turnout of 512 teams competing in the open qualifiers. Only 12 will claim their slots in the group stage. The tournament culminates in an offline LAN event in September, where the top eight teams fight for a coveted spot in the grand finals

Fueling Filipino LoL Talent

“The Philippine League of Legends community’s vibrancy and enthusiasm are undeniable,” says Kimi Salazar, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) Brand Manager of Riot Games Philippines. “The positive reception for Liga Republika as the official national tournament strengthens our belief that it will be the breeding ground for Filipino LoL stars”

Aligning with Global LoL Esports Transformation

The global LoL Esports update ushers in a new era for players and communities. The APAC region will see a new league featuring inter-regional competition through a hybrid partnership and promotion/relegation model . This paves the way for future guest team opportunities from Southeast Asian domestic leagues, including the Philippines, to potentially compete on the international stage.

Liga Republika as the Foundation for Filipino Success

Riot Games Philippines sees Liga Republika as the foundation for nurturing Filipino LoL players’ competitiveness, opening new doors for them in the future.

“This is a dream come true for Filipino players who have craved legitimate competitive recognition,” says Guzman. “Liga Republika elevates the national scene, fostering regional competitiveness. We aim to showcase the potential of Filipino League

Interested players can register now and follow League of Legends’ official Facebook and Instagram to get the latest updates and announcements on Liga Republika  2024. Visit this link for the detailed tournament ruleset. Teams can register in all weeks of the open qualifiers through the following links:

Week 1 (July 13) – https://riot.com/4bLmPA7

Week 2 (July 20) – https://riot.com/4c7tbty

Week 3 (July 27) – https://riot.com/4bKSuln

Week 4 (August 2) – https://riot.com/3RfGwIh

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