June 22, 2024

Undefeated AP Bren Takes Down Echo

Undefeated AP Bren Takes Down Echo in Epic MPL PH Season 13 Showdown 

Week 3 of MPL PH Season 13 concluded with a bang, featuring a clash of titans: the reigning MPL Philippines champions, M5 World Champion AP Bren (M5), and the M4 World Champions, Echo (M4). Both teams entered the match undefeated, setting the stage for a highly anticipated “Battle of the Undefeated.”

A Back-and-Forth Series with Bren Emerging Victorious

The best-of-three series was a nail-biter, showcasing the exceptional skills of both teams. AP BReno drew first blood, winning the opening game in a clutch fashion. However, Echo displayed their resilience, bouncing back with another close victory in the second game. AP Bren once again took game 3 with another very close fight where the miniscule error made by the Orcas was enough for the Bees to capitalize and take the victory. The final score stood at 2-1 in favor of AP Bren, solidifying their lead at the top of the MPL PH Season 13 standings.

Echo’s Early Game Aggression Tested Bren’s Defenses

Echo showcased their signature aggressive playstyle in the first game. Capitalizing on early game rotations and objective control, they pressured AP Bren throughout the match. This aggressive approach proved successful, securing them a comfortable victory and putting them in a strong position to maintain their undefeated streak.

AP Bren’s Gritty Comeback Secures Series Win

Despite the initial setback, AP Bren refused to crumble. They displayed remarkable adaptability, adjusting their strategies to counter Echo’s aggression. Key performances from AP Bren players like FlapTzy and Pheww were instrumental in AP Bren’s comeback. FlapTzy’s jungle dominance and Pheww’s strategic shotcalling helped AP Bren regain control and secure important victories in the remaining games.

What This Means for the MPL PH Season 13 Landscape

This series win cements AP Bren’s position as a dominant force in MPL PH Season 13. Their ability to adapt and overcome Echo’s early aggression demonstrates their championship caliber. While Echo suffered their first loss, their strong showing in the opening game proves they are still a top contender. With both teams demonstrating exceptional talent, the rest of the season promises to be an exciting battle for the championship title.

Beyond the Series: A Look at the Bigger Picture

This matchup holds significant weight beyond MPL PH. Both AP Bren and Echo are representatives of the Philippines on the international stage, having secured world championship titles in previous seasons. Their performance in MPL PH showcases the depth of talent within the Philippine esports scene and fuels excitement for upcoming international tournaments. Will this be the MPL PH Finals Preview? or Better yet will this be the MSC 2024 Finals Preview?

The GODS Bleed:

With the first game loss of AB Bren to Echo. does this show that they can be beaten? That the unstoppable juggernaut that is AP Bren can be stopped? We have the rest of the season to find out the answer.

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