June 22, 2024

The Surge of the Filipino Tekken?

The Surge of the Filipino Tekken?

Alexandre “AK” Laverez of PlayBook Esports the prodigy of the local Tekken scene. Since bursting into the scene at a very young age he has showed his Tekken Genuis. When AK was six years old, his uncle took him to the nearby mall where he played Tekken Tag Tournament for the first time. He finally participated in his first Tekken 6 tournament in 2009, and after winning the 2013 King of Iron Fist Global Championship, where he faced off against many of the top players in the world at the age of 13, he became well-known during his tenure with Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

The Rest as they say is History.

Tekken 7 run

AK rise in Tekken prominence started to gather steam during Tekken 7.  AK was a dominant force in the local scene and since then, he has persisted in competing professionally until Tekken 7. He has achieved notable victories, including second place in the WEGL Super Fight Invitational, EVO Japan 2019, and the Tekken World Tour Finals Last Chance Qualifiers in both 2019 and 2023.

The Rise of Tekken 8

Going into 2024 and a new Tekken release means a fresh start to the season. A fresh start for  all the players. This time after years of trying to get a US Visa, AK was able to get his. This means her is able to go to the big money tournament in the United States (US). This leads us to Combo Breaker 2024.  From a huge field of the top North American and Global player from power house nations Korean and Pakistan.

In tournament AK wen undefeated until the finals showing his prowess using his main character Shaheen. He went to the finals facing the man who defeated him in EVO Japan 2019, Arslan Ash. The finals match went to a sudden death round. Tournament point for AK and Reset point to Arslan Ash coming from the lower bracket. Then it happen a well place blow gave AK his first Major Tekken 8 win of his career.

Courtesy of Combo Breaker

Esports World Cup

Up next for AK was Dream Hack Dallas. The qualifiers of the Esports World Cup which will be held in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. Top 8 automatically qualifies. Once again all the elite players of the Tekken world once again gather in Dallas. This time it is for the qualifications. AK was once again if form. He has bagged top 8 qualifying to EWC. He eventually finished tournament in 5th place.

The Rise of AK is the Rise of Filipino Tekken

AK needs the community to level up just as what happened to Pakistan. This is going to follow that what he learns from top level competition will also trickle down to the players in the local scene. This will also be the right time to find other diamonds in the rough just like Ak back in the day.

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