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The groundbreaking strategy game and its Remix Rumble update are available today on PC and Mobile at no charge

 At long last, Riot Games is ready to release its most ambitious Teamfight Tactics update yet. Teamfight Tactics: Remix Rumble celebrates the strategy game’s 10th main set update with a bang. And a crash cymbal. And maybe a little jazz trumpet or acoustic guitar to add some melody. As the name implies, Remix Rumble puts a musical spin on the popular title, with changes to the roster of champions and an interactive soundtrack that changes as players plot their course to victory.

Teamfight Tactics gets Musical Remix

Players aren’t just battling to the top in Remix Rumble, they’re creating their own DJ mix Champion by Champion. Origins have been reimagined according to musical genre, including 8-bit chiptunes, Country, Disco, Pop, Punk, Emo, EDM, and more. K/DA, HEARSTEEL, True Damage, and Pentakill get in on the action, too, with new musical elements inspired by Riot’s pioneering virtual bands. And traits now include thematically appropriate Crowd Diver and Superfan.

Players can pull Champions with different Origins into their roster, with each contributing their own musical layers. Or, they can stick to one genre and reap the benefits of those synergies. For example, Jinx, Twitch, Pantheon, and Vi can rattle the garage as a punk group. Players can find other powerful team compositions including discovering new trios and solo artists.

Origin buffs are based on the genre, too. Country comps have a deal-with-the-devil theme, summoning Hecarim as a powerful ally after the team loses enough health, buffing the rest of the team. Disco groups can drop a disco ball on their playfield, which heals and buffs nearby allies in a dazzling light show. Each genre has its own unique mechanic that plays with their underlying style.

Remix Rumble includes an array of new arenas to battle within, including a special K/DA arena that features interactive light show and multiple visual phases. And while Remix Rumble is going hard on the musical elements, it’s not turning into a rhythm game. The same core Teamfight Tactics is firmly in place – it’s just going to sound even more incredible.

Teamfight Tactics: Remix Rumble

Teamfight Tactics: Remix Rumble is releasing on PC and mobile November 21, 2023, with complete cross-play and cross-progression. Like the base game and past Sets, players can jump into the action at no cost. Remix Rumble also includes a UX refresh on mobile, providing a visual and UI upgrade to better match the PC experience – and officially launching tablet support. For players in the Asia-Pacific, TFT Mobile is releasing in APAC on Nov 22nd local time! Pre-registrations are still open on the App Store and Google Play Store, and players can unlock exclusive rewards by pre-registering in time for launch.

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