June 22, 2024

Team SMG Loses Win Streak Goes down to Lower Bracket

Team SMG Loses Win Streak Goes down to Lower Bracket

The Singaporean powerhouse Team SMG, renowned for their remarkable 35-match winning streak, suffered a heartbreaking defeat to the European squad G2 Gozen in the upper semi-finals of the VCT Game Changers Championship at the Ibirapuera Gymnasium in São Paulo, Brazil.

Photo: Valorant Esports

Coming into the match, Team SMG held an aura of invincibility, having swept through regional competitions and emerging victorious at the VCT Game Changers APAC Open in July and August. However, G2 Gozen proved to be a formidable opponent, putting up a valiant fight that ultimately ended Team SMG’s impressive unbeaten run.

The best-of-three series unfolded with a thrilling battle on Map 1, Bind, Team SMG valiantly took the initiative,  but G2 Gozen attempted to comeback. Team SMG held their ground, securing the map with a decisive 13-8 victory.

Map 2, Split, offered a glimmer of hope for Team SMG as they displayed incredible strategic prowess and teamwork, edging out G2 Gozen 14-12 in a nail-biting overtime finish. However, G2 Gozen regained their composure on Map 3, Haven, showcasing a tactical mastery that left Team SMG struggling to keep up. G2 Gozen dominated the map, closing out the series with a resounding 13-4 victory.

Despite the loss, Team SMG’s journey at the VCT Game Changers Championship remains ongoing as they drop into the lower bracket, where they will face KRÜ Blaze. Although their unbeaten streak has come to an end, Team SMG has demonstrated unwavering resilience and determination, proving that they are a force to be reckoned with in the world of women’s VALORANT. This is just a step back in their campaign and we hope for them to bounce back in their next match. This time it is a win or go home scenario with the whole of SE Asia cheering them on, this team will definitely be victorious.

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