February 28, 2024

Skillful Showdowns: New Side Selection in LoL Esports!

Skillful Showdowns: New Side Selection in LoL Esports!

The League of Legends Esports scene is about to get a spicy twist! In the upcoming season, the APAC leagues (PCS and VCS) will be testing a thrilling new way to determine side selection: 1v1 Showdowns. This innovative approach replaces the traditional method of seeding and injects a healthy dose of skill and excitement into the pre-game routine.

Say goodbye to passive side selection based on standings. In 2024, teams will fight for the coveted red or blue side through a head-to-head duel in a custom “Showdown” game mode. This isn’t just about flipping a coin; it’s about showcasing individual skill and tactical prowess.

Here’s how it works:

  • PCS:┬áThe 1v1 victor gets to choose their side for the first game of a best-of-three series.
  • VCS:┬áThe 1v1 champion controls side selection for the all-important third game of a best-of-three.

The Showdown itself is a mini-game filled with strategic depth. Players take turns banning champions, then fight it out in a free-for-all with unlimited champion picks. First to two kills, first turret takedown, or a tense Sudden Death scenario with a closing Ring of Fire decides the victor and, ultimately, the side they’ll wield in the main event.

It’s crucial to note that this is a regional test, limited to the PCS and VCS. Global events and other regions will stick to the traditional seeding method for now. However, the excitement surrounding this fresh approach is undeniable. Imagine witnessing your favorite players engage in a high-stakes duel before the main show, showcasing their individual brilliance and setting the stage for an epic battle!

The LoL Esports team is closely monitoring the impact of this innovative side selection format, analyzing its effect on both competition and entertainment. Your feedback is invaluable, so be sure to share your thoughts and reactions!

Get ready for a season packed with Skillful Showdowns: New Side Selection even more drama, skill, and surprises! The 1v1 Showdown is here to shake things up and redefine the way we approach side selection in LoL Esports. Stay tuned for more updates and let the skillful showdowns begin!

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