February 28, 2024

RSG Ph Ends the Echo Express

RSG Ph Ends the Echo Express

After equaling the record of 11 games unbeaten streak of Blacklist International the defending M4 World and MPL Philippines Champions Echo Philippines was intent on breaking the record. The Orcas had RSG Ph as their roadblock to achieving history.

To put things into context, the last time Echo had a string of victories it was RSG Ph who proved to be their undoing. But this time it is different, the Orcas are on the hunt looking to make history. The first game of their match was a highly contested affair with both teams trying to implement their game plan. But the it was the small things that added up to prove the difference in the game. It was Light leading the way and settling in his role as a support roamer. H Light was the deference in the first game leading his team to victory. The first game showed the different play styles of both teams.

In the second game try to avoid a repeat of their first round match, where Echo did a reverse sweep of RSG, RSG Ph got the early lead and jumped on Echo. The RSG applied the pressure early on and did not relent. Echo was playing catch up from the get go. They were trying to pick and choose their engagement hoping that RSG will make a mistake. But even though echo was doing the right tactics in choosing their fights, but RSG was still applying the pressure and pushing their advantage.

RSG was relentless in their application of pressure. They were playing with in themselves and after capturing the first Lord of the game, the help the gold and lord advantage. Going into the second Lord the team hade the level and gold advantage. RSG made another base push. For the third Lord RSG was really piling on the pressure with Echo withstanding the first assault with just 4 team members. But the Raiders re group and re organized the final push,

Again it was the Raiders of RSG Philippines who put a stop on the Echo Express which in tied with the record of 11 straight wins. RSG Ph now books their spot in the playoffs. This just sets the last day of the regular season a very critical one for the teams chasing qualification.

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