July 19, 2024

Power Rankings for the MLBB Professional League (MPL)

Power Rankings for the MLBB Professional League (MPL)

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang professional scene is a global phenomenon, with regional leagues boasting fierce competition and passionate fanbases. Looking at the different regions and teams,  Here’s a power ranking of the Elite Eight of the Global MPL Pro Leagues:

1. AP Bren Esports (Philippines)

The Two Time (M2, M5) World Champions, AP Bren Esports, is a team steeped in history. Continuing the Dominant 2023 World Tour into the first quarter of 2024. their domestic dominance in MPL PH Season 12 cannot be ignored. Veterans like Pheww, FlapTzy  offer a potent combination of experience and youthful energy. SuperMarco, Ogwenn and KyleTzy are also developing into epic players.

2. Onic Esports (Indonesia)

Onic Esports, known for their aggressive early game and exceptional macro play, remain a top contender. Their recent MPL ID Season 12 victory showcases their ability to adapt and overcome challenges. With players like Kairi and CW, they present a serious threat to any team. They have been the runner up to AP Bren in the Recently conclude Games of the Future and the M5 World Championships. The teams still is intact and there is are still no blue prints on how to slow this juggernaut.

3. Blacklist International (Philippines)

The kings of the M3 World Championship, Blacklist International, remain a dominant force. Their signature “UBE” strategy, emphasizing support and team fights which revolutionized the game. Their aggressive playstyle and exceptional teamwork make them a terrifying opponent for any team. The new line up is shaping up to have a huge potential,

4. ECHO (Philippines)

M4 World Championship runners-up, ECHO, are a force to be reckoned with. Their flexible drafting strategies and ability to adapt to any meta make them unpredictable foes. With veterans like KarlTzy, and BennyQT, they boast a potent mix of experience and raw talent. Let’s see if the Echo Express and Echo System Stands up to the rigors of MPL Ph Season 13.

5. RRQ Hoshi (Indonesia)

One of the most decorated team in MLBB history, RRQ Hoshi, continues to evolve. Their recent acquisition of Filipino imports demonstrates their commitment to international dominance. With legends in their line up, they possess a wealth of experience and a hunger for another world title. They showed brilliance and potential during the Games of the Future bowing out when they faced the eventual champions AP Bren.

6. Fire Flux Esports (Turkey)

Fire Flux Esports, boasting a roster of MPL veterans, has consistently placed well in recent Global Tournaments. Their strong fundamentals and strategic decision-making make them a formidable opponent. They have recently stepped out of being called a Blacklist International clone by establishing their unique playstyle and beating Blacklist international twice in global competition. Players like Rosa bring a wealth of experience to the table. This will only push the team into bigger and better tournaments.

7. RSG Slate (Philippines)

RSG Slate (Philippines), known for their aggressive playstyle and innovative hero picks, is a team on the rise. Their MPL PH Season 12 performance solidified their position as a top Philippine team. With players like Light, they have the potential to upset even the most established teams. This team based on our assessment can be the Dark Horse of the MPL Ph Season 13

8. HomeBois (Malaysia)

The Rowdy Bunch from MPL Malaysia was the surprise on the recent M5 and the Games of the future. The team boasts of veterans and young players eager to prove themselves on the regional and the global stage.

A Global Showdown Awaits

We have not included some teams that performed admirably but unfortunately changed organization names. Hence that why Deus Vult is not here.

Witnessing the best teams from every region clash in Global tournament scene is a  true spectacle. This power ranking provides a starting point for the discussion, but the true test will come when these teams face off on the international stage. Who will rise to the top and claim the ultimate MLBB glory? Only time will tell.

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