February 29, 2024

Philippine Dominance in the MPLI 2023

Philippine Dominance in the MPLI 2023

The recently concluded MPLI 2023 had the all of the top MPL Philippines Season 12 teams advancing to the not just the knock out round, but dominating the placing. The top 3 places were Filipino pro teams.


AP BREN is on an amazing tear of season. After winning the SEA Games Gold Medal, IESF World Title and the MPL Philippines Season 12 championship and booking their ticket to the M5 World Championship. The team has the chance to be the first team to win the M World Championship twice. They were the tournament favorites and showed and displayed that they were in a different class. Only when they went up against the two top teams did they show a chink in the armor. But the two teams have been playing them for a long time, and the familiarity was there.

Echo Esports

The Orcas really needed the MPLI 2023 2nd place to boost their confidence after a season of turmoil.  Turmoil is an understatement, with shake up of their line up, fans reacting both positively and negatively, the erstwhile top seed during the MPL Philippines Season 12 regular season top seed and the defending m4 World Champion. But the team fell from grace during the playoffs and was not able to recover. The team fell to their perennial  rival to place 3rd place in the tournament missing their chance to be the first team to go back to back in the M Series. But things are looking a lot better with their performance the Orcas definitely are back in the hunt.

RSG Philippines

The Kings of SEA, the raiders had a great MPL Philippines Season 12, all things considered. But with the recent heart breaking loss and the impending departure of Coach Panda. The Raiders are team that is looking for something to hold on to. But as the saying goes, tough times breeds tough people. The return of Demonkitee  did also helped the cause. The team looked like the RSG who won the MSC. The team was confident and ruthless, ruthless was the optimum word. After demolishing Homebois 25-0, the team transformed to the unstoppable juggernaut that they can be. Knocking off the tournament favorites and the reigning world champions. This is a terrifying line up entering season 13.

With the dominance of the Philippines as a region in the MPLI, this bring the question who era is now over? Well we know but do they know?


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