April 15, 2024

M5 Champs AP Bren Chooses Brody for Champion Skin

M5 Champs AP Bren Chooses Brody for Champion Skin, FlapTzy Gets First-Ever FMVP Skin!

Fresh off their M5 World Championship victory, Filipino powerhouses AP Bren have locked in Brody as their champion skin collaboration with MOONTON Games. Brody played a crucial role in their M5 series success, and the team wants this skin to commemorate their victory and for fans to share in the celebration.

Beyond the team skin, history is being made! David “FlapTzy” Canon, the M5 Finals MVP, will co-design the first-ever FMVP (Finals Most Valuable Player) skin with MOONTON Games. Fittingly, the chosen hero is Paquito, an MLBB hero inspired by boxing legend Manny Pacquiao. “This is the first FMVP skin in MLBB’s history and I am very honored to be the first M series MVP to receive his very own FMVP Skin. I like Paquito because I feel that he represents my personality as a player. He is very aggressive to protect his teammates but also very focused on the different objectives that the team needs to win,” said the veteran EXP laner.

Currently, MOONTON Games and AP Bren are ironing out details for the in-game skins, expected to launch in September 2024. Stay tuned for exciting activities leading up to the release!

This announcement adds another chapter to the legacy of champion skins. Previously, EVOS Legends (M1) chose Harith, Bren Esports picked Lancelot (M2) and Blacklist International designed Estes (M3), and ECHO co-designed a skin for Chou (M4) – the first champion skin for a fighter hero.

Things are just heating up and we are excite to see the two new skins that will be coming from the world champs.

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