June 22, 2024

Lock and Load, VALORANT Unleashes the Outlaw and More

Lock and Load, VALORANT Unleashes the Outlaw and More

Brace yourselves, agents, because VALORANT’s arsenal just got a whole lot deadlier! Episode 8 Act I brings fire and fury with the OUTLAW, the first-ever new weapon since launch. This double-barreled sniper rifle packs a punch, promising high-impact eliminations for those daring enough to wield it. But the OUTLAW isn’t just about brute force; it’s a high-risk, high-reward beast, built for those who thrive on clutch plays and do-or-die moments.

But that’s not all! To celebrate the OUTLAW’s arrival, a blast from the past awaits. Dive into the THROWBACK PACK: OUTLAW bundle and relive the glory days of 2020 with classic skins like Prism//Reloaded and Ego, alongside some stylish accessories.

Feeling stealthy? Then Kuronami is your new best friend. This sleek and silent skinline channels the essence of the ninja, cloaking your weapons in shadows and whispers of swift death. Be a silent wraith and eliminate your enemies undetected with these deadly masterpieces.

And no Act is complete without a fresh Battle Pass, bursting with goodies. Gear up with the Fiber Optic Ghost, Tactiplay Phantom, and Guardrail Hammer, leaving a trail of shimmering elegance and brutal efficiency in your wake. Don’t forget the adorable Sunny Side Gun Buddy, your new sunshine mascot on the battlefield.

Mark your calendars! VALORANT Episode 8 Act I explodes onto the scene on January 9, 2024. Time to sharpen your aim, hone your instincts, and unleash the Outlaw within. The competition just got a whole lot more exciting.

Outlaw Weapon Product Description

VALORANT Unleashes the Outlaw. A high impact, double-barreled sniper rifle built for do or die playmaking. 

Key Features

  • Semi-Automatic
  • Stay Zoomed
    • Marshal and Operator break zoom when firing, the Outlaw doesn’t
  • 2 slugs in a magazine 
  • Longer reload when empty
    • The Outlaw uniquely has different reload timings when its reloading from empty vs. just reloading 1 shot
  • 2,400 credits 
    • Positioned between the Marshal and Operator in the pre-round item shop

THROWBACK PACK: OUTLAW – Product Description 

Start your journey with VALORANT’s new weapon, the Outlaw, with the THROWBACK PACK: OUTLAW bundle. Celebrate with a throwback to 2020 with some of our very first skinlines, Prism//Reloaded and Ego, as well as 3 accessories to commemorate Outlaw’s release. 

Key Features

  • Bundle Price: 2,320 VP
  • What’s included:
    • Includes 2 skins, both with 3 color variants each
      • Prism//Reloaded Outlaw
        • Base Color – Purple iridescent variant
        • Variant 1 – Orange iridescent variant
        • Variant 2 – Pink iridescent variant
        • Variant 3 – Green iridescent variant
      • Ego Outlaw
        • Base Color – Korean text with “저지불가” and white/black stripes
        • Variant 1 – English text “Unstoppable” and red/black stripes
        • Variant 2 – Portuguese text “Imbatível” and white/tan stripes
        • Variant 3 – French text “Inarrêtable” and teal/purple stripes
    • Accessories
      • Outlaw Player Card
      • Outlaw Gun Buddy
      • Outlaw Spray
      • Outlaw Title

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