April 15, 2024

Kyo Kusanagi Blazes into Metal Slug: Awakening!

Kyo Kusanagi Blazes into Metal Slug: Awakening! Prepare for Fiery Mayhem!

Hold onto your rocket launchers, Metal Slug warriors, because a fiery legend has joined the fray! Kyo Kusanagi, the iconic protagonist of The King of Fighters series, is now officially playable in Metal Slug: Awakening, and prepare for some pixelated pandemonium!

This epic collaboration between arcade giants marks a childhood dream come true, fusing the explosive action of Metal Slug with the electrifying combat of The King of Fighters. Get ready to unleash Kyo’s fiery fury on the battlefield!

The Descendant of Flames Arrives:

Kyo Kusanagi isn’t just another soldier. He’s the heir to the Kusanagi clan, a lineage steeped in ancient martial arts and fire-wielding mastery. Cool on the outside, his resolve burns bright, simmering with a hidden passion for poetry that only his true comrades witness.

But in Metal Slug: Awakening, Kyo is all business. He’s a special operations hero, armed with his signature combat skills and tactical prowess. Prepare to witness:

75 Shiki Kai

  • 75 Shiki Kai: Jumps forward and kick, dealing DMG equal to 80% of ATK to the enemy unit twice and gaining a second form of the skill.
  • Aragami: Launch a 2-strikes combo, dealing damage equal to 60% of ATK.

Kusanagi Blast – the Ultimate: Targets enemies in the front area, dealing damage three times at 400% of the attack and knocking them airborne, gaining 1 Rage. After accumulating 3 Rage, an enhanced skill can be used: Summons multiple columns of fire to attack all enemies in front. Each accurate hit inflicts damage equal to 900% of the attack and knocks them airborne.

A Legendary Collision:

Kyo Kusanagi’s arrival isn’t just a gameplay upgrade; it’s a nostalgic explosion that sparks memories of heated arcade battles and pixelated triumphs. So gear up, slug warriors, and let loose your inner King of Fighters. The time has come to paint the battlefield crimson with Kyo’s burning rage!

This is more than just a new character; it’s a celebration of two gaming giants colliding in a pixelated spectacle. So unleash your inner Kyo, ignite your Metal Slug spirit, and prepare to dominate the battlefield with fiery vengeance

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