June 22, 2024

How can RSG break the 1% Barrier to Return to the World Stage?

How can RSG break the 1% Barrier to Return to the World Stage?

We  recently did a feature if Blacklist International needs to rebuild. The jury is still out on how the team will move forward their 4th place finish in the MPL Philippines Season 13. Now let us look at the 3rd place team RSG Philippines.

RSG Philippines is a cornerstone of the MPL Philippines. The Raider, the king slayers, the one time MSC Champion.  The team has missed the qualification for Major tournaments the last 2 season finishing in 4th and 3rd place respectively. Last year the Raiders missed out M5 World Championship, losing to Echo Esports bagging 4th place.

This Season hurts even more. The lower bracket finals between them and Falcons AP Bren was a barn burner of a match. The final score line was 3-1 in favor of the FCAP. But it could have been 3-1 or even 3-0 in favor of RSG. A very miniscule mistake by RSG in game 3 which eventually snowballed in to a game 3 loss.  Game 4 also had the Raiders commit the slightest mistake, costing them the slot in MSC 2024 and the finals.

Post Match Interview

During the post match interview Coach Panda was all praises for his young squad. He also reinforced that the team did him proud. They were just 1% lower than Falcons AP Bren. Now with an intact and veteran team, amazing coaching, what do they need to break into the top two and qualify?

@fulcrum_esports Coach Panda of @RSG.PHILIPINES after Lower Bracket Finals Loss to @AP BREN @MPL Philippines Season 13 #LakasngPinas #Parasatagumpay #mplphs13 #FulcrumEsports ♬ original sound – Fulcrum Esports

As Coach Panda himself said that he also does not know the answer to the question. But that is the nature of the tournament scene there are winners and there are losers.  This time it was Falcon AP Bren who capitalized on the 1%. That 1% percent was the difference from qualifying and advancing, winning a loosing.

Now we just have to see next season on how RSG Philippines comeback from this set back. GG RSG.

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