May 24, 2024

Echo Express Runs Over Smart Omega

Echo Express Runs Over Smart Omega

The first match of Week 5 of the MPL Philippines Season 13 featured the M4 world champions Echo Philippines going head to head against Smart Omega. Smart Omega is still trying to grope for form this season, and Echo is pushing for the top 3 spot in the current season. Two teams with different trajectories one is hoping to rise to the top the other is clinging on to dear life.

Echo Dominates Game 1

Echo showed the Echo Express in game one. The orcas our played the barangay at every turn. The team fights we closely in favor of the Orcas. This is not to say that Smart Omega did not try to win the fights. The barangay was trying the new combinations and playing to implement their strategy. But it was Echo with the Echo System who were able to implement their will. Smart eventually succumb to the pressure of the Orcas and eventually lost the match.

Almost but not Quite for Omega

The second game started with Echo taking the early advantage. But as mid game power spike happened Omega had clearly taken the advantage. It was Omega taking the fight to the Orcas. It was the unorthodox pick of Chip was a factor in Echo having difficulty in the match. It was a change of fortune as it was Omega dictating the pace and winning the team fights. It was that way for 2 lord play where Omega was able to take it to the Orca’s Inhibitor turret and break thru the crystal.

But that is where mental fortitude according to Echo Coach TicTac was the differentiating factor why the Orcas were able to turn the tide and wipe out the barangay. The Orcas were able to snatch the victory from the jaws of defeat.

This further the campaign of Echo to the top 3 of the current season and this only makes the Smart Omega’s season that much harder.

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