June 22, 2024

Crown Jewels: Unmasking the Greatest MLBB Roster of 2018-present

Crown Jewels: Unmasking the Greatest MLBB Roster of 2018-present

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s competitive scene has been a glorious whirlwind since 2018, witnessing phenomenal rises, heartbreaking falls, and countless moments of pure esports magic. But the true mark of greatness lies not just in individual brilliance, but in the cohesive synergy of a team. So, who wears the crown when it comes to the best MLBB roster of 2018-present? We delve into the contenders, their conquests, and the intricate factors that make them worthy champions.

Blacklist International (Sea Games Gold Medal, M3 Champions): The “Code Breakers” reign supreme with their M3 World Championship victory in 2021. Their mastery of adaptability, led by the strategic genius of Oheb and the explosive playmaking of Wise, redefined the game. Their flawless execution of the “UBE META” and their unwavering teamwork cemented their place in MLBB history.

AP/Bren Esports (MPL Philippines S7, S12, SEA Games 2023, Gold Medal, IESF 2023 World Champion, M2 Champions, M5 World Champions): The “Bees” boast two championship titles –  the M2 World Championship in 2020 and the M5 World Championship in 2023. They are the first undisputed world champions winning both the IESF MLBB World Championship and the m5 World Championship with in the same cycle year. Their aggressive, calculated gameplay, spearheaded by the legendary duo of FlapTzy and Pheww, made them a force to be reckoned with. Their ability to pull off seemingly impossible comebacks and their unyielding resolve remain etched in fans’ memories.

EVOS Legends (MPL Indonesia S4, MPL ID S6, M1 Champions): The “White Tigers” of Indonesia have roared their way to three major titles – MPL Indonesia S4 and S6 in 2019 and 2021,. Their consistent dominance in the Indonesian scene, fueled by the brilliance Oura and Rekt, and their unwavering pursuit of improvement took them all the way to the inaugural M1 Championship. But they have not lived up to the hype in recent seasons of the MPL but their M series wins put them in the list of the best rosters.

ONIC Esports (MPL Indonesia S3, MPL ID S8, S12, Snap Dragon Series 2023, MSC 2023 Champions): The “Sky Kings” have collected an impressive haul of trophies – MPL Indonesia S3 in 2019, MPL ID S8 in 2022, and the MSC 2023 title. Their aggressive playstyle, fueled by the prodigies Kairi and Kiboy, and their ability to adapt to any meta make them a constant contender.  Onic Esports has still to reach their peak and this team is a juggernaut waiting be let loose in the MPL Scene.

Crown Jewels: Unmasking the Greatest MLBB Roster the singular “best” is a complex dance of factors. While Blacklist boasts the M3 crown, Bren claims the M2 and M5 title and unmatched clutch plays. EVOS holds one and only M series win that another region not named the Philippines has, ONIC’s adaptability and trophy haul speak volumes of their prowess plus their recent domination of the Indonesian MPL scene.

Ultimately, the “best” is subjective, an echo chamber of passionate arguments and unwavering loyalties. Each team on this list has etched its name onto the MLBB tapestry, weaving moments of brilliance, resilience, and pure esports magic. The true joy lies in celebrating their individual narratives, their unique paths to glory, and the collective contribution they’ve made to the ever-evolving landscape of Mobile Legends.

So, let the debate rage on, for it is a testament to the depth, talent, and sheer spectacle that the MLBB scene offers. The crown may sit on one head for now, but the beauty of esports lies in its dynamic nature, where new contenders rise, strategies evolve, and the next champion awaits, ready to claim their place in the pantheon of MLBB greats.

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