April 14, 2024

Can AP Bren Rise From the Ashes? A Grand Rematch Awaits in the M5 World Championship

The M5 World Championship reaches its fiery climax as Onic Indonesia, fueled by their previous 3-0 domination, prepares to defend their championship title against a resurgent AP Bren Philippines. This Grand Finals rematch promises to be a spectacle of vengeance and redemption, where the flames of ambition and strategy collide on the digital battlefield.

ONIC: The Sky King will Claim the Crown?

ONIC stormed through the upper bracket, a whirlwind of aggression and calculated dives led by the explosive CW and Kiboy. Their victory over AP Bren in the first encounter showcased their mastery of early-game pressure and objective control, leaving their opponents smoldering in their wake. Now, they stand poised to claim throne, the taste of victory still fresh on their tongues.

AP Bren: From Cinders to Inferno

Defeated but not shattered, AP Bren rose from the ashes of their earlier loss. They navigated the treacherous lower bracket with unwavering determination, their flames rekindled by the brilliance of Kyletzy and the strategic prowess of Ogwenn. Their 3-0 annihilation of Blacklist International in the lower bracket finals marked a phoenix-like rebirth, proving their adaptability and unyielding spirit.

Clash of Styles and Strategies:

This rematch promises a clash of contrasting styles. ONIC’s aggression remains untamed, their Assassin dives and coordinated rotations still a potent threat. AP Bren, however, has learned from their earlier defeat. They are prepared to meet pressure with pressure, relying on calculated counter-aggressiveness and their signature map awareness to disrupt ONIC’s tempo.

Key Factors to Watch:

  • Early-game pressure vs. counter-aggressiveness: ONIC will likely attempt to dictate the pace early, but AP Bren is ready to turn their aggression back on them, potentially creating chaotic and unpredictable battles.
  • Hero picks and counterpicks: The draft phase will be crucial, with both teams aiming to identify and counterpick their opponents’ key heroes. New strategies and unexpected picks could be game-changers.
  • Adaptation and flexibility: The team that can adapt to the evolving situation and counter their opponent’s strategies will hold the upper hand. Both teams have demonstrated remarkable adaptability throughout the tournament.
  • Mental fortitude: The pressure of the Grand Finals can be immense. The team that can maintain their composure, focus on the game plan, and bounce back from setbacks will likely emerge victorious.


This rematch is a close call. ONIC’s dominance in the previous encounter gives them a psychological edge, but AP Bren’s hunger for redemption and newfound adaptability cannot be underestimated. While ONIC holds a slight edge due to their familiarity with the matchup and their unwavering aggression, AP Bren’s strategic growth and renewed confidence pose a serious threat.

This Grand Finals is more than just a fight for the championship title; it’s a battle of pride, resilience, and the evolution of Mobile Legends as a competitive phenomenon. The flames of ambition burn bright in both teams, promising a spectacle of skill, strategy, and unpredictable twists.

Tune in and witness the ultimate showdown between titans. Will ONIC gettheir crown, or will AP Bren rise from the ashes and claim their 2 crown and rightful place on the M5 throne? One thing is certain: this Grand Finals will be etched in the annals of Mobile Legends history as a battle of fire and will that will forever light the path for future champions.

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