April 14, 2024

Beyond the Big Three: Unveiling the Dark Horses of MPL PH Season 13

Beyond the Big Three: Unveiling the Dark Horses of MPL PH Season 13

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Philippines (MPL PH) Season 13 is upon us, and anticipation hangs thick in the air. While all eyes are glued to the established titans – Blacklist International, Bren Esports, and ECHO – a new breed of challengers lurks in the shadows, ready to disrupt the hierarchy. These are the dark horses, teams brimming with potential and hungry to prove their mettle. Let’s delve into the stories of four such contenders: TNC Pro Team, Onic Philippines, Smart Omega Esports, and RSG Philippines.

TNC Pro Team: Rekindling the Flame

TNC, a name synonymous with MPL PH history, is a team with a storied past. They were once the phoenix, the team has not made it to the post season in the last 2 seasons but is poised to have a breakout season 13. The whispers of a resurgence are growing louder. The arrival of the veteran players capabilities could be the missing piece TNC needs to climb to the top. Additionally, the explosive potential of their young players, should not be underestimated. Is this the season TNC makes a deep run into the playoffs?

Onic Philippines: Rising from the Ashes

Onic Philippines, a team that has consistently shown flashes of brilliance but faltered at crucial moments, is yearning for redemption. This season, they boast a revamped roster, with some key acquisitions. That brings a wealth of experience and strategic prowess to the table. Onic Philippines possesses the talent, but their ability to synergize as a unit and translate their potential into consistent victories will be crucial in their quest for glory. will they return to the global scene this season?

RSG Philippines: Young Guns Aiming High

RSG Philippines embodies the spirit of winning. This team, brimming with raw talent and unbridled passion, is a force to be reckoned with. While there will be no question about their experience, RSG Philippines’ hunger to prove themselves and their relentless practice regimen could be their secret weapon. Don’t be surprised to see RSG push the established teams to their limits. RSG is set to have a deep run this season and is possibly the bext team among the 3 we mention that might make it to MSC.

The landscape of MPL PH Season 13 is brimming with possibilities Beyond the Big Three. While the established powerhouses remain formidable, the dark horses are ready to challenge the status quo. TNC, with their veteran leadership and hungry youngsters, aim to reclaim their throne. Onic Philippines seeks to rise from the ashes, fueled by a revamped roster and their burning desire for redemption.  Finally, RSG Philippines, stand on the precipice, ready to etch their names in MPL PH history. As the season unfolds, these dark horses will have the opportunity to rewrite the narrative and emerge as the unexpected champions. The question remains: who will rise from the shadows and claim their place amongst the legends?

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