July 19, 2024

AP Bren Emerges Victorious in a Breathtaking M5 Grand Finals

AP Bren Emerges Victorious in a Breathtaking M5 Grand Finals

The M5 World Championship witnessed a Grand Finals for the ages. In a seven-game rollercoaster of emotions, AP Bren Philippines rose from the ashes of their earlier defeat to ONIC Indonesia, claiming the championship title with a nail-biting 4-3 victory. This epic clash was a symphony of aggression, counter-aggression, and breathtaking individual plays, etching itself into Mobile Legends history as a testament to resilience, adaptation, and unwavering determination. In winning the M5 Championship not only did AP Bren break the streak of no home country has ever won the crown, but also became the first two time M Series Champion.

AP Bren’s Early Burst:

But the resilient phoenix never truly dies. After losing in the upper bracket finals, the Bees we up 3-1 and facing match point,  But Onic counter punched  and the team adapted, countered ONIC’s aggression with precision, and unleashed their own calculated offensive power. Flaptzy and Kyletzy became a blur of attacks pressing the issue, Wise’s Super Marco turned the 50-50 fights  into team fight victories, and Pheww’s leadership provided the perfect blend of burst damage and sustainability. Game 4 was a turning point, a spark of hope that ignited into a raging inferno.

ONIC’s Counter Punch:

ONIC entered the Grand Finals like a whirlwind, their familiar early-game aggression scorching through AP Bren’s defenses. CW’s amazing dives were surgical, Kairi’s Jungle control and 50-50  team fights with unmatched finesse, and Sanz’s provided crucial sustain. The first three games were a masterclass in ONIC’s signature style, leaving AP Bren reeling and the crowd stunned.

A Symphony of Strategy and Skill:

The next three games were a breathtaking display of skill and adaptation. Each team countered the other’s strategies, forcing constant shifts in momentum. Games 5 and 6 showcased the sheer versatility of both squads, with unexpected hero picks and innovative approaches keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

The Decisive Moment:

The final game, however, belonged to AP Bren. With the score tied 3-3, the air crackled with tension. The early game was a tense stalemate, until a critical moment in the midgame. Kairi, ONIC’s star jungler, attempted a surprise attack on AP Bren’s backline. But FlapTzy, ever the watchful, anticipated the move and perfectly timed a attacks with his Khaleed, Super Marco neutralized Kairi at the last lord dance and allowing AP Bren to secure a crucial team fight victory. This momentum proved unstoppable, culminating in AP Bren claiming the final objective and raising the M5 World Championship trophy in a cathartic explosion of joy.

Beyond the Victory:

AP Bren’s journey to victory was a testament to their ability to adapt, learn, and rise above adversity. From their initial defeat to ONIC to their dominant upper bracket run, they proved that even the flames of defeat can be the embers of future victory. For ONIC, though their title hunt fell short, they can hold their heads high knowing they pushed AP Bren to their absolute limit in a series that will forever be remembered as one of the greatest in Mobile Legends history.

The M5 World Championship Grand Finals was more than just a competition; it was a spectacle of human skill, strategic brilliance, and the indomitable spirit of competition. AP Bren’s victory, forged in the fires of defeat and fueled by unwavering determination, serves as an inspiration to every aspiring competitor, reminding us that even when the ashes are all that remain, the spark of victory can still flicker to life and ignite a blaze of glory.

This is the first time that a team can be called the two time M Series World Champion. The Philippine Era Started with Bren Esports in M2 and it is fitting that when the Ph Era is questioned and proclaimed to end, AP Bren Stood up and put the doubters to rest. It was a long journey to get here, but to the AP Bren every step of their journey was worth it. Cheers to the TWO TIME, TWO TIME World Champions AP BREN

AP Bren Post Match Press Conference

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