May 24, 2024

Agent Tier List for Valorant Patch 5.10

Agent Tier List for Valorant Patch 5.10

Valorant just released the game’s latest update. Patch 5.10. The patch gave some agent buffs while also nerfing some agent. This means we have to update our Valorant Agent Tier List.

Also keep in mind that every agent has the potential become S Tier depending on the player using it. But if all things are equal, this what we think the agents will be tier as.

Tier C

Starting at the bottom. There are only two agent how bringing up the rear guard. You may ask, “Why are those 2 agents at bottom they are the most used agents in competitive play?” To answer the question, yes they are used a lot. But when you go up the ranks and also move into competitive play they are slowly swept aside. Reyna is still very viable but is a shadow of her former dominating self. Phoenix on the other hand given that he has been buffed but he is still some tweaks away to be fully synergized with the current Meta.

Tier B

Now we get to the specialists tier. These agent are still good but they are just out side the Meta Circle.

Harbor did get a buff this patch with an additional charge to cascade from 1 to 2, But it is still early to see what the maximum potential of this agent is, Players are just getting knowledge on how to maximize his skills.

Yoru is a prime example of players actually warming up to him and slowly maximizing his potential. From Tier C to Tier B this patch.

The rest of the line up is still very similar to our previous Agent tier list.

Tier A

This is the tier which we we see a lot of movement with three agents joining and one agent moving up.

Breach is climbing  up the Tier list even though he he did not receive any  buffs, The Synergy he provides with other agents firmly moves him up the ranking. In organized play he has become both a definite must when executing a site take and an a site retake on defense.

Fade for this patch she just got nerfed. Prowler gets a lot of duration nerf and hit nerf that would affect her utility as an agent hat can sweep and clear areas for entries. She is still very viable but not as dominating as before.

Cypher finally after a long time in the specialist tier has now received buffs that actually makes him viable and comparable to the top information agents. The longer Trapwire distance should provide Cypher a ton of new setup options and let him to change up his playstyle in a way that makes it difficult for his adversaries to track him down without being discovered. His Ultimate more accessible than it has been in the past and allow for Cypher to feel more agency when he initiates Neural Theft, while adding a second ping should create a clearer period of time where Cypher is pulling the strings

Tier S

We now come to the tip of the pyramid the creme dela creme of this patch. We still classify the Chamber as part of the S tier together with his counter Kay/0 the two agent are just like yin and yang.

Viper in the meta of smokes, wall and line ups she definitely belongs here. Viper is the go smoker with her versatile one way utilities she definitely is S tier. Her Ultimate can definitely lock down a site.

Again this is the opinions of our players and team. But our assessment is also based on organized and professional play. We would like to hear from you. comment below if you agree or diagree with our tiers.


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