July 15, 2024

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Evolves with Revamped Equipment System!

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Evolves with Revamped Equipment System! Create Content, Win Big! 

Manila, Philippines – June 19, 2024 – Calling all Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) players! Prepare to unleash the NEXT level of MOBA gameplay with the arrival of the Project NEXT Equipment Evolution, live now!

A Streamlined Experience

This year’s Project NEXT campaign delivers a wave of exciting changes, with the revamped battle equipment system taking center stage. Inspired by the design and development principles of Project NEXT 2023, these updates aim to enhance your overall gameplay experience .

Let’s take a closer look at the equipment changes!
Adaptive Equipment
Equipment NameWinter Crown
Suitable for all heroes. It provides adaptive attributes, with optimised performance and operating experience.
  • Active Skill – Frozen: Freeze upon using. The hero will not be able to do anything for a brief period, but will be immune to all DMG and debuffs.
Equipment NameFleeting Time
Provides adaptive attributes. It can also be used for physical heroes who rely on cooldown reduction to cast their Ultimate skills as many times as possible.
  • Unique Passive – Timestream: Hero kills or assists reduce Ultimate’s current cooldown by a certain amount.
Equipment NameSky Piercer
Slays low-HP enemy heroes directly. Each kill will increase the HP threshold of the execute effect; each death will reduce the threshold.
Physical Equipment
Equipment Name(NEW) Malefic Gun
Enhances the hit-and-run experience
+ Physical Attack, + Attack Speed, + Crit Chance
  • Passive – Malefic Energy: Temporarily increases Basic Attack range upon hitting with a skill.
  • Unique Passive – Zeal: Dealing Basic Attack increases Movement Speed for a brief period.
Equipment NameWar Axe
Bloodlust Axe merged into War Axe
+ Physical Attack, + Max HP, + Cooldown Reduction, + Spell Vamp (New)
  • Unique Passive – Fighting Spirit: Spell Vamp removed
Magic Equipment
Equipment Name: (Revamped) Clock of Destiny
Half-Tank, half-DPS
+ Magic Power, + Max HP, + Max Mana
Unique Passive – Destiny: Dealing Magic Damage increases stackable Hybrid Defense.
Unique Passive – Gift: Recovers some HP over a few seconds when at low HP. Restores Mana over a few seconds when at low Mana.
Equipment Name: (NEW) Wishing Lantern
New equipment, universal for all heroes to use
+ Magic Power, + Cooldown Reduction
  • Each time a certain amount of Magic Damage is dealt to an enemy hero, a projectile is launched, dealing Magic Damage based on a percentage of the target’s current HP.
Defense Equipment
Equipment Name: (Revamped)
Queen’s Wings
Universal for Fighters, lower Lifesteal and strengthened fighting power
Unique Passive – Demonise: When HP is low, gains Damage Reduction and reduce skill cooldown.
Unique Passive – Defiance: Gains higher Damage as HP gets lower.
Equipment Name: (Revamped)
Thunder Belt revamped
Optimises the Tank experience, allows most Tanks to deal Sustained Damage and improves late-game scaling
Permanently stacks; allows Tanks to deal more damage and apply control effects in the late game. Especially suitable for tanks playing in the Exp lane.
  • Every few seconds, the next Basic Attack deals extra True Damage based on Hybrid Defence to the target and surrounding enemies, along with a brief but powerful slow. Each hit on an enemy hero will permanently increase Hybrid Defence. This effect is reduced to 50% for Marksmen and Mages.
That’s not all; players will experience a change in visual effects for Marksmen and Assassin equipment. Two new universal talents will be added, which are:
  • War Cry: After every three consecutive instances of damage dealt to enemy heroes with separate Basic Attacks or skills, all damage dealt increases.
  • Temporal Reign: The next Ultimate cast decreases other active skills’ remaining cooldowns for a short time.

Adaptive Equipment: Dynamic Strategies

Get ready to adapt your strategies on the fly with the introduction of adaptive equipment. This innovative system adjusts based on your in-game actions and hero selection, ensuring you always have the tools you need to dominate the battlefield.

Become a Project NEXT Creator: Share, Earn, and Shine!

Calling all aspiring content creators! Showcase your skills and celebrate the Project NEXT changes by creating engaging videos for social media. From today, June 19th, until July 18th, participate in the MLBB NEXT Creator Campaign for a chance to win big!

Here’s How to Participate:

  1. Produce captivating videos highlighting the new Project NEXT features.
  2. Submit your entries through the event page:
  3. The deadline for submissions is July 18th.

Grand Prize Glory: Up to USD 1,000,000 Global Prize Pool!

The winning video will be showcased across all MLBB platforms, and the creator will be showered with amazing rewards, including:

  • Diamonds (in-game currency)
  • In-game rewards
  • A share of the massive USD 1,000,000 global prize pool

Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your talent and potentially become the next MLBB Rising Star! Be sure to check the event page at this link for complete details and contest guidelines.

Long-Term Partnership Opportunities for Creators

Aspiring for a lasting collaboration with MLBB? Look no further! Explore the MLBB NEXT Creator Competition for a chance to establish a long-term partnership with the game and receive ongoing rewards. Head over to event page to learn more.

Pamantasang Lakas: Filipino MLBB Students Unite!

Calling all Filipino students! Get ready to clash and unite in the Pamantasang Lakas tournament, officially launched by MLBB Philippines.

Collegiate Cup Heats Up

This exciting tournament, also known as the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Students League Collegiate Cup (MCC), features eight prestigious universities from across the nation. Starting June 22nd, these collegiate teams will battle it out for bragging rights and a chance to be crowned champions

Support Your Favorite Team, Win Epic Rewards!

Filipino MLBB players and fans can join the excitement and earn incredible rewards through the MCC website

Here’s what awaits you:

  • In-game chests
  • Epic skins
  • Battle emotes
  • Premium gaming rigs (Infinix Smart 8 PRO and Infinix Powerbank XP03)
  • Greenwich coupon (worth PHP 500)

Participating is Easy! Here’s How:

  1. Visit the MCC website
  2. Log in daily to earn voting points.
  3. Use your points to vote for your favorite team.
  4. Earn additional points by making correct predictions and sharing the website with friends.
  5. Use your accumulated points for a chance to win incredible prizes!

Note: Pamantasang Lakas rewards are only available for MLBB gamers in the Philippines whose in-game ID’s country of login is the Philippines. Deliveries of physical rewards are also limited to the Philippines.

The Future of Mobile Legends is Here!

With the Project NEXT Equipment Evolution, the MLBB NEXT Creator Campaign, and the Pamantasang Lakas tournament, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is ushering in a new era of excitement and opportunity for players and content creators alike. Don’t miss out on this chance to experience the revamped gameplay, showcase your skills, and potentially win amazing rewards! Dive into the action today!

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